The greatest investment you can make for yourself is private training with the best. Master Trainer Cleon "CJ" Joseph is the most sought after trainer when it comes to transforming your life.  CJ's training method gets to the core of any issue so that weight/fat-loss is achieved and maintained.

What we offer...

CJ's Boxing/ MMA Bootcamp is the best  class in Los Angeles.  It is fun for everyone and all levels of training are accepted.  Everyone learns, everyone sweats and everyone has fun!

CJ's Psycho Circuit speaks for itself.  CJ takes the simplest functional exercises and turns them into a high calorie and fat burning circuit workout.  This is the best circuit class in America period.

Cj's Functional Fitness L.l.c in Los Angeles






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Private training and MMA Boot-Camps 

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​You don't have to be a fighter to feel like one.​So let's train!

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Private Training Packages

12 Session Package         $ 60 per session

18 Session Package         $ 55 per session

24 Session Package         $ 50 per session

36 Session Package         $ 45 per session

Ask about small group prices.

Payment plans available

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted.